in·cre·ment·um (iŋkrim(ə)nt) n.
  1. Latin, from the stem of increscere grow
  2. The process of growth in number, size, quantity, or extent.
  3. Incrementum, a positive change in the value of a variable.
  4. Something added or gained; addition; increase profit; gain.

Welcome to Incrementum

Incrementum is a niche consultancy which provides unique growth solutions to a broad range of corporate and privately owned companies. We have the ability to combine experience across M&A, Corporate Analysis, Executive Search and Employment Law in order to provide bespoke, discreet representation and counsel.

Here at Incrementum we work with clients to increase their revenue and profit growth by helping them move into new markets, expand existing business lines and win new clients by assisting their strategic growth on both an individual and corporate level.

Our expertise in structuring and facilitating the transaction, from initial identification and contact of suitable teams and companies, through to closing the deal, has resulted in our clients broadening their market offering and collectively increasing their turnover by over £20m in the last 12 months alone.

Typical transaction size has ranged from teams of just two people, right up to entire companies with multi-million pound turnovers. Regardless of the transaction size, providing confidential, personal and knowledgeable advice is integral to the successful completion of every individual project that we close.