“Growth is never by mere chance; 
it is the result of forces working 
James Cash Penney

Case Studies

Case Study 1 (7 people)

Incrementum were approached by a prominent global professional services firm who were looking to expand one of their main existing service lines. A meeting was quickly arranged to meet with the key executives leading the project to understand the existing business lines, timescales, key selling points and parameters for team size and experience.  
Our market intelligence team were able to map the relevant specialist teams within the market which provided an all encompassing target list for the client.  Incrementum carefully managed the approach to several short listed parties and were very quickly able to arrange a meeting between the client and the leading team in the market.  In addition to securing an existing business unit of 5 people, we were also instrumental in securing two further individuals to complement the team.  
This ensured that our client had a market leading team who were able to hit the ground running and were very quickly in a position to challenge other more established competitors.

Case Study 2 (Company, 16 People)
Incrementum were appointed by a successful partnership after they had completed an internal business review following a period of frustrating business growth. Although the firm were regularly recognised for their specialist advice and had won numerous industry awards, they increasingly found that they lacked the international reach to attract certain high profile clients.  
The decision was made that they needed to be acquired by a company with a larger overseas reach in order to move forward. After conducting market due diligence on the key players in the sector, Incrementum presented our findings to the client and helped them select a number of target companies which suited their criteria. Incrementum then engineered the introduction of both parties and managed the negotiation with two of the shortlisted companies.  
One company soon emerged as the frontrunner and after a period of due diligence final heads of terms were coordinated, agreed and signed. The firm is now fully integrated into the company and making excellent head way in developing existing clients and winning new instructions.


Case Study 3 (5 People)

Incrementum were recommended to a group of 5 colleagues who were Senior Directors within one of the leading international consultancy practices. Although each individual held a senior position within arguably the best team in the market, they all had a common feeling that they lacked opportunity and had hit a glass ceiling within a large corporate environment.  
Their brief to Incrementum was simple, we want to move as a business unit to an entrepreneurial company where we will have a greater say in our own destinies.  The research team at Incrementum successfully compiled a target list of companies that we believed would offer the correct type of platform and opportunity.  Following a detailed discussion with the team three companies were selected as potentially having the right environment going forward.  
Two firms showed clear interest in acquiring the team and over a period of 2 months the team picked a preferred company. Incrementum negotiated on the behalf of both parties resulting in the deal closing 3 months after initial instruction.  The team are now settled and are helping the client to make significant inroads into the sector within a few months of joining.