“Change brings opportunity

Nido Qubein 


  • What are the benefits of growing through acquisition rather than organically?

All businesses should focus on sustainable and gradual organic growth. Whilst this is constant, there are however occasions where in order to meet strategic growth plans a bolder approach may be required. Globalisation, economic turmoil and increasing market competition have all impacted on the need to diversify, strengthen existing service lines and gain economies of scale.

  • Why would we use Incrementum when we know all of our competitors in the industry?

Any firm that has been established for a period of time is likely to have a good idea of their competitors in the market and will likely know some of them on a personal level. It is however unlikely that you will be able to make (and more importantly, feel comfortable with) a direct approach regarding the possibility of any merger or acquisition activity with some, if not all of your competitor firms. Due to the nature of such discussions one of, if not both sides may not be prepared to disclose confidential information directly to each other which can stifle any meaningful progress. The key area where Incrementum are able to add value is by providing discreet, researched counsel and representation in order to make the process as efficient and targeted as possible whilst at all times protecting your anonymity and professional relationships in the market.

  • We are looking to move into a new business area / service line; is this something that you would be able to help with?

Yes, very much so. Our clients often consider corporate acquisitions of both teams and companies in order to broaden their offering or gain market share quickly. Upon receiving such a mandate we will carefully research the key operators within a specific area and shortlist them based on relevance/prominence/geographical & size profile and any other criteria you may wish to include. Acquiring an existing team in the market is often the most effective way of quickly winning clients, establishing a market presence and creating a profitable foundation on which you can build upon in the future.