“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin 

Marketing & Business Development

Whilst acquiring a team or company is an excellent way to expand market share and grow your company, we also understand the value of developing existing clients.  Marketing and business development are key when building upon relationships and introducing established clients to new services or ways of working.  With this in mind we can provide post completion consultancy to aid the establishment of a new service line or merger/acquisition, or alternatively help you make the most of your existing client base and branding in the market. 

Having an independent overview of business development and marketing (BDM) means having a holistic overview of where a firm is in relation to competitors/sectors/services and this should enable enough clarity to see where investment will reap the most rewards. 

Strategic business development reviews and marketing planning

Competitor & Opportunity Analyses carried out along sector, service and location lines will give a meaningful overview of the firms competitive advantages and disadvantages.

Developing and/or enhancing comprehensive client relationship management

Review of Client Management Processes enables sound understanding of the strengths and weakness of current relationships and identifies the opportunities for development and also where those relationships may be under threat.  Looking at a number of clients from each sector and service line as well as location should help clarify and give focus to a client development strategy.  

Developing, organising and supporting effective pitch/bid processes

Review of Pitch/Bid Process creates a better understanding of the use of resources in this time hungry area.  Looking at success rates, response speeds, capability statements, case studies etc. means there is a better understanding to the effectiveness of this major part of the client/potential client engagement process.  This ultimately leads to a better, timely and more cost effective pitching.

Brand development & branding

Review of brand and branding involves looking at how effective it portrays the firms across all media - digital, ads, brochures/leaflets, pitches and so on.  As there are so many uses for branding these days, maintaining consistency can be tricky but there is real benefit as it gives such strength to the brand as a whole.  Making sure all marketing communications deliver the same strong messages has never been so important with the increasing number of communications channels now available especially in the digital arena.

Reputation building through media relations and corporate communications

Press/media relations should always be under constant review.  Again as it is a constantly changing arena, there are always new places, platforms and ways to communicate not only the success of the firm but show off areas of thought leadership in the different sectors firms work in.